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Our Services

Our Services

Healthy Child Programmes

We offer comprehensive Healthy Child Programmes for children from 0 to 6 years old. They include vaccinations, regular health assessments, laboratory tests, ultrasound examinations, physical and intelligence assessments, seminars and hotline consultation.

Child Development and Assessment Clinic

The clinic is specially provided by a developmental paediatrician in terms of detailed assessments and advice on children with suspected developmental or behavioural problems. Parents may make an appointment for a comprehensive assessment with the Department to facilitate early intervention, if necessary...

Child Clinical Psychology Service

Growing up in our modern and rapidly changing society, children may encounter multiple environmental changes and stresses, giving rise to psychological and emotional disturbances such as developmental delays, learning difficulties, eating/ sleeping problems, anxieties, compulsive behaviours, attention problems, etc...
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Paediatric Ward

Newborn babies and children below the age of 14 and with medical or orthopaedic conditions are admitted to the Paediatric Ward.

Childhood Immunisation Programme

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