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Our ServicesChild Development and Assessment Clinic

Child Development and Assessment Clinic

The clinic is specially set up by an experienced developmental paediatrician to provide detailed assessment and advice on children with suspected developmental or behavioural problems. Parents who have any worries about their child's development can make an appointment with the clinic for a comprehensive assessment to address their concerns and facilitate early intervention.

• Behavioural and emotional difficulties
   - temper tantrums, hyperactivity, inattention
• Sleep and eating difficulties
• Social and communication difficulties
   - suspected autistic features
• Language delay
• Learning problems
• Reading and writing problems
• Visual impairment
• Hearing impairment
• Motor delay or clumsiness

Session Duration
2.5 to 3 hours in total, including:
• a 60-to-90-minute assessment (depending on age and problem)
• a 60-to-90-minute discussion with parents

1. Comprehensive child evaluation using appropriate standardized test scales:
   - Psycho-social functioning
   - Attention
   - Cognition
   - Language and communication
   - Gross and fine motor skills

2. Physical examination, including hearing and vision screening

3. Parental counselling
   - Analysis on the child's developmental profile
   - Counselling on behaviour management and parenting skills
   - Counselling on development intervention
   - Recommendation on specific treatment / therapy

4. Referral for training services

5. Recommendations on medical investigation if necessary

6. Provision of necessary medication(s)