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Child Clinical Psychology Service

Growing up in our modern and rapidly changing society, children may encounter multiple environmental changes and stresses, giving rise to psychological and emotional disturbances such as developmental delays, learning difficulties, eating/sleeping problems, anxieties, compulsive behaviours, attention problems, etc.

With clinical psychology service, a clinical psychologist attempts to understand an individual’s condition through clinical interview, observation and psychometric assessment tools. Child clinical psychologists are trained to contribute to the assessment and management of most problems in behaviour and development. They facilitate the adjustment of children and their families to stressful life events, such as hospitalisation, bereavement, parents' divorce, social problems and academic pressures. The management of children’s problems may be handled by a psychologist alone, in collaboration with other professionals, or by appropriate referral.

Those in need of clinical psychology service include children and adolescents who have emotional, mental, learning and behavioural problems.

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. CHAN Woon Tong, Joseph 劉啟泰先生
Mr. Lau, Joseph

Clinical Psychologist
• BS MA M Ed (USA)
• Registered Psychologist (Clinical Psychologist)
• Adjunct Associate Professor, Psychology Department (HKU)

Psychological Assessment
• Intellectual assessment
• Assessment of dyslexia
• Assessment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
• Assessment of Autistic Spectrum Disorder
• Assessment of anxiety and depression
• Emotional and behavioural assessment

Psychological Counselling/Therapy
• Individual behavioural/emotional counselling (including cognitive behavioural therapy)
• Parent counselling
• Play therapy