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GE’s Revolution CT

Our Technology(Computed Tomography) GE’s Revolution CT

GE’s Revolution CT

GE’s Revolution CT is a breakthrough that delivers uncompromised image quality & clinical capabilities through the convergence of coverage, spatial resolution, temporal resolution & dose performance – all in one. Until now, CT users had to compromise between systems that could only provide a subset of these capabilities.

The Revolution CT delivers industry leading technical specifications for a premium CT system:
Best in class 0.23 mm spatial resolution
Intelligent motion correction for 24 ms effective temporal resolution
Gemstone Clarity Detector with 160 mm coverage
Low Dose platform up to 82% reduction
A wide 80 cm bore size allow better patient positioning & access

Clinical Breakthroughs
The Revolution CT delivers breakthrough clinical applications for all anatomies:
  • 1-Beat High definition, motion free coronary images at any heart rate with intelligent motion correction
  • 1-Beat, comprehensive cardiac assessment for every patient at low dose - coronaries, rest / stress perfusion & function, rapid & comprehensive TAVI planning with dedicated protocols allowing ECG gated and non-gated acquisitions in a single exam
  • 4D imaging capabilities for all anatomies enabled by whole organ acquisition to visualize vascular flow, organ motion or kinetic properties
  • Dedicated HD cardiovascular and head / neck angio in a single low dose exam for comprehensive stroke workup
  • 70 kVp scan mode to enable low dose pediatric and small patient scans, sub-second scans for typical trauma and pediatric sedation-free exams

Making Advanced Exams Routine and Routine Exams Advanced
  • Making routine exams advanced with best-in-class 0.23 mm spatial resolution and built-in artifact reduction.
  • Capture the whole heart in a single beat, in high definition, with motion-free coronary images at any heart rate. One-beat acquisition for calcium scoring, coronary imaging or comprehensive cardiac assessment can be achieved with or without beta blockers.
  • Flexible scan modes to enable precise TAVR planning, delivering low radiation and contrast dose.
  • Perform whole-organ dynamic perfusion studies of the heart, brain, liver, kidneys and other organs and tissues with up to 16 cm of coverage with uniform IV contrast. The flexible collimation and sampling rate minimizes dose and is particularly beneficial in localizing anatomy of interest.