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Vaccum-Assisted Breast Biopsy

Our Technology(General X-Ray) Cios Alpha

Cios Alpha

Cios Alpha is the latest and first generation of flat panel to apply biological principles in its inspiration from the core part of the eye, i.e. the retina imaging principle. Cios Alpha’s Retina Imaging Chain integrates the mastery of biology, medicine, radiology, engineering, mathematics, computer science and other technologies to obtain visual information from the human eye, and eventually transfer it to the brain to form images. Equipped with the unique Full View FD technology, Cios Alpha increases the field of view by the FD technology, especially in interventions where the surgeons need to see perfusion of end organs, such as the renal system. Together with Retina Imaging Chain with IDEAL dose reduction, it features the latest generation of flat detectors with higher sensitivity and lower electronic noise level. That means excellent image quality at a very low dose in all relevant clinical applications for patients of almost all sizes.

• Full View FD: outstanding image quality and up to 25% more coverage, even during image rotation
• Retina Imaging Chain with IDEAL dose reduction: high-quality images at a very low dose
• Power: one of the most powerful 25 kW mobile C-arm, to see and do more
• Ease of use: full table-side control and single-touch positioning for effortless operability
• Vascular workflow: fully integrated vascular support, featuring unique live graphical overlay