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Center of Excellence in Prostate MRI

The Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital has been certified as a Center of Excellence in Prostate MRI by Radboudumc University Medical Center in October 2019.

The Department is one of only 15 such centres in the world.
Radboud Prostate MRI Reference Center is a pioneer of prostate MRI and a world-renowned MR Prostate Imaging Center of Excellence. Radboud Prostate MRI Reference Center is led by Prof Jelle Barentsz, who himself is a world leader in prostate imaging and research. His research led to the implementation of PI-RADS in 2012, which became the world-standard for prostate MRI. The works from him and his team were the basis for the change of the European prostate cancer guidelines.

A team of 3 Radiologists (Dr. Gladys LO, Dr. John CHAN and Dr. Solomon KA) and 2 Radiographers completed an intensive training at the Radboud Prostate MR Reference Center, the Netherlands, specializing in high-quality image acquisition and accurate image interpretation of prostate MRI.

Upon the team’s return, a total of 300 prostate MRIs performed in Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital were also double-read with the Radboud experts to ensure good quality control.

Specialised software is now used at our Hospital for interpretation and reporting of Multiparametric MR scan of the prostate, enabling us to provide consistent morphologic and functional data for clinicians.”

Regular communications is on-going with the Prostate MR Reference Centre network which ensures prostate imaging at our hospital is at world's best and most updated practice.

This is a major milestone in the development of the department in terms of providing patients with a more personalized and effective imaging experience. Our mission is to provide quick and accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer as well as reliably determine the aggressiveness and spread of the disease. This facilitates rapid individualized patient management and care.